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Seeing into Being

Our World in its Golden Aged State
If you see it, you can be it . . .
Of the many jewels from the ocean of jewels that BapDada gave us, some of the most beautiful describe the Golden Age. He gave us amazing details and depth on the Golden Age. This initiative, Seeing into Being, promotes the virtues and beauty of Satyug by contemplating them, repeatedly bringing them into our awareness, and integrating them into our practical life. The goal here is to individually and collectively activate and nurture the vision of the Golden Age that BapDada gave us.
Why this Initiative?
Current world affairs, throughout societies, demonstrate the need for a clear, strong vision for the future. Even though much of the post-modern world indulges in an internal dialogue of cynicism, I believe that most people really do crave a beautiful new world. All individuals and groups are conditioned by their internal dialogue. So, the questions I keep asking myself are: What kind of internal perceptions and dialogues maximize human potential? Can our image of the future be self-fulfilling?
Every time Baba spoke about the Golden Age, He not only gave self-evident answers to the above questions, but also inspired us to actively reaffirm His ideal image of the future. Baba and drama are urging us in so many ways to advance the collective narrative toward the Golden Age.
Research has shown us that the potential strength of a culture can actually be measured by the intensity and energy of belief in its images of the future. Also, historically, we see that almost without exception, all that a society has considered social progress first appeared in what was considered an utopian concept. Lastly, now that many are talking about apocalyptic destruction, it is time for us to talk about the construction of the Golden Age of humanity, the age that is to come.
Two Meanings
We are using the title Seeing into Being because of the following two meanings:
1. Seeing into [the nature of] being, i.e. getting insights into the nature of our true being in the Golden Age; 2. [the act of] seeing [transforms] into [the act of] being; i.e. seeing leads us to true being.
Three Currencies
We have easy access to three powerful currencies:
1. Amazing depth and detail from Baba’s Murlis on Satyug.
2. Our elevated thoughts and pure feelings.
3. Our love and remembrance not only for Baba but also for Satyug.
This is a sustenance-plus-seva initiative for 2016 and 2017, Seeing into Being, to completely engage the above three powerful currencies. The premise for this initiative is this: Our thoughts are mental living energy that determine the quality of our lives. They are an integral part of the living, dynamic system that constitutes our lives, and when engaged properly our thoughts will manifest a tangible, sublime reality. Thoughts are alive and when used responsibly, powerfully affect the world. Hence, when we meditate on this future new world (as envisioned by BapDada) and embody the principles of that world, we can transform our present day reality. Through our example and pure thoughts we can see into the higher state of being that is the Golden Age, and we can inspire others to do the same.

There will be two phases for this initiative. The first phase is for BK sustenance — for us to deeply explore how we can manifest the Golden Age. In the second phase, we take it to the public, to get their buy in to Seeing into Being, so that they envision a radically different world than the one in which we are living. The following are some elements of the two phases:
Phase I
1. We are all set to launch this initiative with an online summit on September 1, 2016. We have a wonderful array of 21 senior yogis sharing their experiences on Satyug.
2. Beginning October 1, 2016, we will take beautiful excerpts from the Murlis of the Golden Age and dive into them. We dive into them through a series of steps such as: relaxation; connection; making it our own; and Seeing into Being.
3. We ask all BK centers to hold one event in October, November, or December. This event should at least include close contacts and invite these contacts to be part of Seeing into Being a beautiful new world. It can be part of our annual Diwali celebration. As Diwali is our celebration of the Golden Age and it sets into motion a series of festivals focused on light.
Phase II
1. We are looking into creating a video game on Seeing into Being a new paradigm.
2. In the year 2017, we present the Seeing into Being initiative, inviting public participation. 3. We will be rolling out a social media strategy.
4. We will get buy in from individuals and socially responsible organizations.
Some example excerpts of the Golden Aged world as given to us by Avyakt BapDada:
“In the Golden Age, because of monarchy and the right to the kingdom, the people are always full with all forms of wealth, always overflowing with every commodity, and always in the royalty of kingship in every birth. Each one has all attainments in life; the attainments will be serving from all sides. No one has any desires for attainments, but all attainments will desire that their masters be served. In all directions the mines of all treasures will be full. Every treasure will be ready to give its own form of happiness. The bugles of constant happiness will automatically be played.”
“Achcha, now what will you drink? The fruits will have natural juice. There will be some fruits for eating and some fruits for drinking. You won’t have to make effort of extracting the juice because each fruit will be so full. Here you drink coconut milk and there, in the same way, you just pick up the fruit, press it a little, and the juice will emerge.”
“There is no kind of hard work, either for the body or the intellect. There is no kind of burden either, and so the states of being awake and being asleep are equal. At present you think, “Oh, I have to get up early in the morning”, but such a thought will not come there.”
If you would like to:
• Give us your input
• Contribute your time and resources
• And, have any further questions
Contact us at: sustenance@brahmakumaris.org

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