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Framework for Daily Amritology Points – DOWNLOAD

Avyakt words for Amritvela

Amritology Framework – Sister Gayatri

Experiences of a Yogi – Sister Jayanti

Experiences of a Yogi – Sudesh Didi

ONE Initiative Resources

Print Material (English)

Banner – Being with ONE (Download)
Banner – Love for the ONE (Download)
Banner – Time with ONE (Download)
ONE – 24 Virtues (Download)
ONE – Brochure (Download)
ONE – Conversation (Download)
Qualities of ONE (Download)
Virtue Booklet (Download)
ONE Banner UK (Download)

Print Material (Spanish)

7 Cualidades Del UNICO (Download)
UNICO 24 Virtudes (Download)
ONE Brochure (Inside) (Download)
ONE Brochure (Outside) (Download)
Virtudes Booklet (Download)

Print Material (German)

Broschuere (Download)
ONE 24 Virtudes (Download)
ONE Blessings (Download)

Print Material (French)

ONE 24 Virtues (French) (Download)
Un Seul A5 75Single (French) (Download)
Un Seul A5 13Single (French) (Download)
ONE Flyer French (Download)
One Promo French (Download) ONE-Jour1 (Download)
ONE-Jour2 (Download) ONE-Jour3 (Download) ONE-Jour4c (Download)
ONE-Jour5 (Download) ONE-Jour6 (Download)

Flyer Templates

Rakhi 2014 Template (Download)
Rakhi 2014 A4 Template (Download)
Rakhi 2014 2UP Template (Download)
ONE Rakhi2014 Blessings 9Up (Download)
ONE Initiative Poster (Download)
ONE_Global Finale Poster (Download)
ONE Conversations (Download)
ONE Brochure English (Download)
ONE Blessings Template (Download)
Rakhi Blessings (Download)
ONE Blessings (Double Side) (Download)
ONE Blessings (Double Side – 2) (Download)


just-a-minute is all it takes to bring ourselves back to our natural state of inner peace and well-being. Learn to relax, refocus and re-energise in just one minute with ‘just-a-minute’ meditations. It is about becoming a powerful positive force in your own life. Give yourself just-a-minute to experience it now.

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Connect to One – Cartoons

Press Release Template

ONE paintings at GRC

Music Produced for the ONE

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Lyrics – Song – The One
Lyrics – The One

Videos for Grand Finale

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