Diamond Dadi

For week of December 28, 2015


Gift of Giving

After enjoying a month’s R&R in Diamond House, London and Oxford, I felt so complete and ready for anything that drama would call me to do. On the morning of my flight back to Asia, I heard that Dadi would be flying to Belgium from the same Heathrow terminal. Since her flight was much earlier than mine, I would be able to spend some time with her in the airport lounge before departure. As Hansa bhen checked-in, Dadi sat on a nearby sofa with me. Next moment, a gentleman approached her and expressed how delighted he was to meet her after so long. Dadi recognized him as a long-lost child from the Mumbai Sindhi community. She opened her arms and gestured to him to come closer. In a second, she produced a silver katori with the morning’s bhog and gave the entire contents to him (suitably wrapped) along with a packet of fresh London toli. Naturally, he was overjoyed but what struck me was that Dadi was able to bestow in a second, with no thought about what to share, even her in-flight snack. She gave him whatever godly food she had in her keeping and blessing cards for his family. The spontaneity of this moment, filled with big-heatedness, came straight from Baba and Dadi to this lucky soul.


Words of Wisdom:

Whilst making spiritual effort, we need to remain alert, active, accurate and ever ready. If there is even a trace of laziness, the vices cannot be destroyed. I need to be very alert to perform elevated actions. I must never speak the language of laziness. I must learn to speak the language that Baba has taught me. People of all languages understand Baba’s language. It is a universal language, understood by Brahmin souls. This language is full of ‘bhav’ and ‘bhavna’. Bhav means the pure motive of benefit for all. No-one should stay behind; everyone should go to the land of liberation. Bhavna is pure feelings for all that come from deep within.


You receive the blessings of all from the four directions when you stay in Baba’s remembrance and then come into action as a karma yogi. One receives blessings from the heart and through drishti. Baba has put His hand of blessings on our foreheads in such a way that the intellect begins to work accurately. We have Baba’s hand on our head, His hand in our hand and His company!. Never say, “I did this” but rather, “Baba made me do this…” “Baba helped me to do this”. By speaking the name of the one whose company you keep, your hands will work properly and your feet will step in the right direction, they will take you where there is an income. The mind remains cool and nature easy when Baba’s hand is on my head. Baba places His hand on the head of those who follow shrimat.


Drishti Point:

Watching drama closely, I see that seva arrives without asking. I remain ever-ready to bestow Baba’s blessings, light and might through gentle, alokik eyes. This remembrance brings people close to Baba.


Karma Yoga Point:

Being the karma yogi, I’m aware that my lightness of spirit signals that Baba is walking and working with me. This helps me provide what is needed for people at the right time for them.


For week of December 21, 2015


Drishti Injection

After a murli class during my early days at Tennyson Rd centre, Dadi inspired us to place publicity pamphlets in post boxes in the upmarket Kensington district where the venue for a BK public event was located. She also coaxed us to give each pamphlet drishti before we dropped it into the box. Dadi told us the drishti would do the magic not the pamphlet! Faithfully, I gave drishti to each item before each round. One cold night after work, we completed a pamphlet drop and returned to northwest London and Dadi. When we entered the centre, Dadi greeted us and sat us down for a hot meal that she had prepared for us. Dadi dished up the delicious meal as we sat around the dining table in the back kitchen of Tennyson Road. With so much love, Dadi played the part of the humble server before our eyes.


Words of Wisdom:

Yesterday, Dadi asked Baba what more she needs to do so that service can be accomplished. And the feeling came that whatever service needs to be done is already happening through pure feelings and good wishes. Dadi feels that just as Baba is tireless, never gives up and keeps hope in everyone, she should be the same. We have already become the sparkling stars thanks to Baba keeping hope in us. In fact, our very lives are to fulfil Baba’s hopes. The lives we are living now are a guarantee that we will leave our bodies having accumulated enough for 21 births. The lives we are living now are the guarantee that we will not die in sorrow.


I am truly imbibing knowledge, when I use my spiritual powers at the right time, and I can feel their support whenever I am in need. God is Truth, and the spiritual knowledge He shares is the absolute truth, and therefore, as a child of God, I become knowledgeful by living with honesty. Knowledge teaches me humility; a humble soul does not need to prove “I am honest”, because humility speaks for itself.


Remember three words – nirmaan (be humble), nirman (keep the aim of renewal) and nirmalvani (inculcate purity and be full of sweetness and gentleness). Then there will be success and the consciousness of bringing newness. Then any test that comes will not shake my stage as the one who is humble will have the power to tolerate, to accommodate and to discern. Some have the power of tolerance but not the power to accommodate and so somewhere or another they are going to speak about things. The power of accommodation will come, when I understand that Baba is making me do everything and when I maintain the power of good wishes for everyone, whoever it is and whatever state they are in.


Drishti Point:

May these eyes of mine be doorways to God’s heart and open the caskets of godly fortune, as the rays of His love and compassion reach others easily.


Karma Yoga Point:

From the beginning through the middle to the end of each task, nourish souls with the power of yoga, good wishes and, where needed, Brahma bhogan. When I infuse every action with the power of God’s pure intent, success is guaranteed.

For week of December 14, 2015


Thoroughly Caring

En route to Paris in 1990, I spent 24 hours with Dadi and the London BK family. From my side, I had felt close to Dadi for many years, listening to her classes since I began to study gyan in the 80s. But, this London stopover was to be my first face-to-face meeting with her. I was so excited and absolutely surprised to be invited to stay overnight in the centre and also spend the entire day with her. I felt so privileged that such a great soul with her divine personality would share precious time with me. Next day Dadi also arranged for a brother to take me to the airport. These gestures left me feeling deeply touched by her motherly love and care. No detail was forgotten. This sustenance has made my spiritual foundation rock solid and lifted my self-respect high. Her respect for me revived my power to realise my fortune.


Words of Wisdom:

The effort and the reward created are both incognito. Serve, too, in an incognito way; give sustenance and nurture souls. We do not serve anyone here; we are just happy to see each other. And the more we stay happy and see others with happiness, others will also be happy… This kind of happiness doesn’t exist anywhere else. We stay together, work together, cook together and wash up together in happiness. This is the kingdom of remaining carefree. Who is able to stay like this? The one who has the spiritual intoxication and sparkle that they belong to God. Royalty is visible on the face of the one who has truth within them.


You are peaceful but now you have to become a little loveful. You do not need to come into too many thoughts and worry, but you need to become more loveful because the more loveful you are, the more accurate your decision making will be. Baba said that when you have the power to discern you will come up with such solutions that people will be amazed. Be instruments to show others the path to the right solution. Do not use the word situations. Have faith and in peace know that a solution will emerge. Go into a second of silence and Baba will give such a response. Through you, such precious things will be shared with the world.


Before gyan, Dadi used to sit and read the scriptures. In addition to her own study she would pay attention that others got some benefit from that. She would sit with a glass of water and when someone came in front of her, offer them the glass of water so they would feel good. Many people came to Dadi so she could do special prayers for them. When Dadi came to the Yagya, she did the same. So all of you should stay extra yogyukt for someone else; offer them something, offer them some care. I am telling you this so all of you from today remain healthy, wealthy, happy.


Drishti Point:

When I am combined with Baba, I see what is needed and when it is required. Then the accurate thing happens at the accurate time.


Karma Yoga Point:

When I am yogyukt and yuktiyukt like Baba, the nurturing qualities of a mother bring forth an intuitive sense of what is needed for a soul to progress. This divine insight happens naturally and easily without over-thinking.

For week of December 7, 2015


Pure Desires Fulfilled

During a gathering of BKs from Australia/New Zealand/Asia in the Gyan Sarovar meditation hall with Dadi, Dr. Nirmala and other seniors, Dadi requested a Q ‘n’ A session to start but no one was asking questions in the gathering until suddenly, a young brother at the back of the hall piped up, “Dadi, can you give Baba’s drishti especially for me?” Instantly, other young brothers nearby jeered him. At which point, Dadi called him to come and sit in front of her on stage as she began drishti. My mind was teasing, “How can Dadi give Baba’s drishti?” In that moment, I saw ONE big, deep eye on the side of Dadi’s face looking at me: all-embracing and full of benevolence. I felt the energy of the hall shift higher as indescribable feelings of contentment and bliss filled me. I wanted to stay in that dimension forever. I had no idea how much time passed, but when I felt tears rolling down my face, I called out in my mind, “Baba, please don’t go! Please don’t leave me here! Please!” As I watched the brother return to the gathering, Dadi started her class. To say I was completely in raptures would be an understatement. I couldn’t move until long after everybody had left the hall.


Words of Wisdom:

Why does ‘Baba’ emerge from our heart? Firstly, because He gives support to our hearts. When somebody who has no support receives that support from their heart emerges the words ‘I received support at the right time.’ Baba has given His support and His companionship. He has always been with us, even though He is from up-above but Brahma Baba has giving us the support, and the company of the Dadis also so this is why we sing His praise.

Pay attention that you are always benevolent through your thoughts. Your thoughts have to be very elevated and then your words will also be pure and elevated. Your actions will then follow. This is Sangamyug; the age of great benevolence. Now be carefree, humble and perform wonders!

We have to now become such that we are visible as gods and goddesses. We have to leave the awareness of male and female. I am a soul, a child of the Supreme. How can I help make others good? By keeping the awareness that they are good. If you had not received the pure drishti of Baba, the loving drishti of Baba which saw you as good, then would you have been able to become good? There needs to be faith in myself first.


Drishti Point:

Surrendering my intellect to the Ocean of all qualities, I allow the richness of the divine companionship with God to flow outward through these eyes and decorate others with divine love.


Karma Yoga Point:

Moving through the day’s activities, thoughts of Baba and His supreme qualities sit in my heart. His pure wishes guide my thoughts and footsteps and when time calls, His power overflows into the atmosphere reviving weary minds and lightening anyone’s burdened heart.

For week of November 30, 2015


Lighthouse & Might-house for all Souls

Originally, the International headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris outside India was situated in a tiny terrace house in Tennyson Road, northwest London. After a few months in gyan I moved over the road into a little flat above a shop, which became the first Pandav Bhavan. Three brothers lived there during our early Brahmin life. One evening the door bell rang just as I was about to go to sleep. When I answered the door, Dadi’s beaming face met mine. Alongside her stood a Jesuit priest in full robes. The priest from Europe had come to know of Dadi and arranged a visit to chat with her about having a deeper connection with God. Once their meeting had finished, Dadi offered him a bed for the night in Pandav Bhavan across the street. This was one of many times I witnessed how Dadi’s heart flows for all the souls of the whole world. That night she was so intoxicated that a special soul from another faith tradition had come to learn from Baba. Dadi remains Baba’s unlimited server.


Words of Wisdom:

Mahatma Gandhiji liberated the untouchables by saying they were people of God. ‘Poor’, in the way Baba uses the term, means sweet and innocent. Think: Baba, whatever I have is given by You. There should be no mixture of I and mine in this. Often the poor are generous hearted. They offer what they have with love and a pure attitude. Wealthy ones are often tight-fisted. We are the children of God, the Bestower; we should offer very good hospitality to anyone who comes to our door.


By becoming yogyukt and making your character very good, service will start to follow you like a shadow. You will never need to think about what service to do. I personally, need to make sure that my connection with Him is always alive. I will not then have to make effort for yoga but I will automatically receive light and might from Baba and will become a master almighty authority.


Don’t show a stern eye for anyone, give hospitality. Feed others what Baba has been feeding you, with a true heart, a merciful heart. First have a merciful heart, then it can become generous and you will be loved by Baba the Comforter of Hearts.


On this path, we let others go first. We have honesty, love and companionship in terms of relationships. No selfishness, a merciful heart, open and generous heart. Everyone has to receive what God is giving. No one is a beggar and no one hides anything or keeps anything for themselves. We keep giving and giving what Baba is giving us. We are brothers and sisters, we are a family and we are friends.


Drishti Point:

In the dimension beyond time and space, I see that all souls are children of the One Father, Mother, and the Supreme. Everyone has the right to an inheritance from God. Keeping this awareness in mind, my eyes welcome all people to Baba’s world.


Karma Yoga Point:

The simplest of gestures offers the largest of fortunes. Keeping Baba in my heart at all time allows His light and might to flow through me to all and turns the key of luck in others’ lives too.

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Celebrating Dadi Janki’s 100th Year

The Making of an Exquisite Diamond

Drawing Insights from the Real Thing

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Diamonds are nature’s most beautiful and ancient creation. These treasures have intrigued and delighted for generations. Every diamond is a miracle of time, place and chance. Spiritual diamonds on the other hand are fashioned with the magic of Baba’s hands, our own practice, and the life we live. We know there is an art and science to making a diamond. Dadi Janki has perfected the art and science of becoming and living as an exquisite diamond.

To learn a life art really well, we observe someone who lives and practices it. We will take inspiration from the life of our courageous and glorious Dadi Janki. Her life will show us how to become diamonds. With this reverence, we are gathering 100 good stories for each of Dadi’s 100 years. To submit a story click here. From each story we will extract a remembrance point and an application point.

Elements of a Spiritual Diamond

Dadi Janki is a true diamond who exemplifies the highest level of carat, cut, color, and clarity:

Carat: Physically, the carat is the weight of the diamond. As the carat of a diamond increases, so does its rarity, and therefore its price. Spiritually, the carat is the soul’s dedication to truth. What is that inner truth that brings us as souls to the highest level? Like Dadi Janki, we should hold the highest truth of soul and God.

Cut: Physically, a diamond’s cut unleashes its light. Diamonds are renowned for intensely transmitting light and sparkle. The diamond’s cut allows its facets to interact with light. Spiritually, our facets allow us to be shaped by Baba and Drama. The precise artistry and workmanship of Baba and Drama fashion the soul into an exquisite diamond so that we magnificently reflect and bestow light. Dadi Janki’s brilliant, scintillating facets allow the maximum amount of light to reflect and expand.

Color: Physically, color is the diamond’s hue or the lack thereof. The best color for a diamond is no color at all. A totally colorless diamond lets light freely pass through it, resulting in the light spreading with rainbow colors. Spiritually, Baba shines through us when we are egoless and humble. Are we so transparent that no shade of us remains? If so, then like Dadi, we fully reveal Baba’s light alone.

Clarity: Physically, diamond clarity refers to the absence of inclusions (internal) and blemishes (external). The fewer the flaws the more beautiful and valuable the diamond. Inclusions and blemishes interfere with light traversing the diamond. Are we willing to remove our defects so much that the soul shines brilliantly? We should not think of defects, nor speak of them, nor live in a barren landscape of defects. Are we willing to renounce that realm like Dadi Janki?

Do You Have a Story?

To master any art, you must observe the life of one who has mastered that art. We are gathering from around the globe 100 stories about Dadi Janki. To submit a story click here. It could be an anecdote, a moment shared with her, or something she revealed about her life. We will collect these stories and select those that reflect at least one of the 4Cs mentioned above. Each story should embody at least one facet of the diamond.

100 Days as a Diamond

Baba, the Jeweler, created a timeless treasure in Dadi Janki. With these 100 days of effort, we will celebrate the wondrous brilliance of an exquisite diamond: Dadi Janki. These stories will help us to focus on the real diamond. How does she embody a particular quality? We observe and learn by magnifying that quality. From each story we will create a spiritual effort for the day. From each story we will extract a remembrance point and an application point. We take a quality from the story and see how she lived it and take inspiration on how to practice it. Our effort for the 100 days will aim to reveal the brilliance of an exquisite diamond, its luminous secrets, and infinite depths.