About Us

This website is intended for advanced Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga students. To know more about the Brahma Kumaris visit our official website.

If you have not meditated or tried to connect to the Source before, there are Brahma Kumaris centers near you. All the courses and guidance are free of charge and one-on-one guidance is often possible. If the center addresses featured below are not nearby, check our website for all the locations worldwide.

Who are the Brahma Kumaris (BKs)?

The Brahma Kumaris are an international spiritual community whose purpose is to assist individuals to rediscover their spiritual identity and values. To this end the community offers a variety of courses within their centers while organizing initiatives within the communities of 135 countries. The core teaching and practice of the Brahma Kumaris for more than 70 years has been Raja Yoga.

This includes:

  • An understanding of the self as spiritual light often referred to as “the soul.” You don’t “have” a soul, you “are” a soul.
  • An understanding of The Source, also a being of subtle, spiritual light, but residing beyond the dimensions of time and space. That “Being” has been remembered and called by many names throughout history such as Allah, God, the Supreme, Ishwar, Jehovah, etc.

The practices of meditation and contemplation are shared as ways to raise the vibration of the light of our consciousness so that we can resonate, connect, absorb, and share the power of our common Spiritual Source.